Work with passion

We here at Narrative create stories in the format of games, we are inspired by books, movies, anime, and that is why we love the business we do.

Game developement

We are interested in any form of work on games, whether it be assistance in creating and releasing for indie enthusiasts or our own original projects.


We literally become part of the project, work on it on all production cycles and pour funds into it to do everything as best as possible to the best of our abilities.


Even though we are far from calling ourselves publishers, we can act as a layer between people from business and indie enthusiasts who do not understand gamedev from a business point of view.


We work with talented artists, composers, editors from the CIS, and are ready to offer their help.


Translation from English into Russian or vice versa


We are open to communication and are ready to help you with management issues, in the legal aspects of gamedev and in general.